Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nothing new to report

I have nothing new to report. I have painted nothing new for about 2 months. My show scheduled for August has been cancelled due to the bar it was supposed to be at being sold. I do have a greater grasp of my personal creative process, now i just need to start painting again. so far this year as produced fewer paintings in a longer period of time. The two pieces above were among the last paintings i finished this year and both have been given away. One as a trade for a beautiful painting that now hangs in my room and the other to my father for his Birthday. I just wish that i could produce more, and giving them away although meaningful is getting old. I need to get my prints up and running. I'm off to procrastinate in the park and take photos. I hope I hear back from the Wind Up Space, but that is looking not so promising since I sent them the photos a week ago. Maybe i'll burn a disk and drop it off and see if that illicets a response.

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