Thursday, October 22, 2009

100 paintings in 100 days

i'm going to paint 100 paintings in the next 100 days and take notes each day on what i was thinking what was going on and name each painting by the day it was completed. if more than one is completed in a day then they will be number sequentially along with the date (so 12th of October 1, 12th of October 2, ect.) there is much more to this idea but I'm going to wait to see how things develop. now i have 6 paintings finished in approx. 4 days. 94 to go. the painting above was the 2nd in the series so far. as i get more photos of them i'll post more.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Photos from Ecuador

There was a lot of very inspiring things I both witnessed and did in Ecuador I just hope I can keep it all fresh in my mind.

Monday, August 31, 2009


It has taken about two weeks to finish the color layout for this piece. I anticipate that this is the beginning of a new series. When I get back from Ecuador mid September I am hoping to be able to finish this piece, and begin working on some similar work based off of photos and sketches I'll be doing while I'm down in South America. This piece is probably about 1/3 finished there is still a lot of work to be done. I need to do more overlays of color you'll notice the bird with the yellow and pink coloring that will be more peacock like when this piece is done and the black lines coming out from the birds back are actually the beginning of feathers and I will be painting circular and tear drop like shapes to create a kind of abstract plumage. You'll also notice that in the top left corner and bottom left corner some gold line over lays on the the dark red I'll be doing more of this fine lined detail work throughout the rest of the piece. ALL THE PHOTOS ON THE SITE WHEN CLICKED ON WILL GIVE YOU A LARGER IMAGE TO VIEW.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Painting in progress Update

Ive added a lot of under painting to the trees and I've started the base colors for the apples I'll be adding

I haven't done much to the bottom of the painting yet I'm still deciding how I want to approach it color wise

hopefully I'll have worked out the background colors in the coming week and then i can just focus on tightening up and doing finishing touches on the trees and then I'll have an idea as to how I'd like to finish the base. I'm looking to have this piece finished in less than a week, but we'll see.

Figure Drawings

one of my the first women i drew 10 yrs ago

2yrs ago at the creative alliance in Baltimore

Jesse Angel famed yet retired Baltimore Bartender

Portrait from of a man i drew right before i stopped working and went on a 7 yr hiatus in 2000

one of the first women i drew back in 1998 when i started working on realism

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Five Paintings from the last show

These are all large format paintings that I finished for the show at Abacrombie fine foods on Biddle street. They got a lot of great reviews and feedback and a few comments that went along the lines of "I hate this art please take it down i find it garish and offensive." Both the positives and negatives just mean that the art is doing its job it is compelling people to feel. I had a lot of inquires as to prints for these five paintings hopefully I can work that out soon. I'll put some photos of my life drawings up towmorrow, and at some point I'll put up the progression shots of the new piece I posted last time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New work in progress

I just started this piece last week on Tuesday. I did some more work with it two nights ago and i have the tree mostly filled in. I'm going to document this piece as i work on it. Maybe tomorrow I'll upload the first stage which was done with India ink and charcoal. All of the color work thus far is oil pastel.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nothing new to report

I have nothing new to report. I have painted nothing new for about 2 months. My show scheduled for August has been cancelled due to the bar it was supposed to be at being sold. I do have a greater grasp of my personal creative process, now i just need to start painting again. so far this year as produced fewer paintings in a longer period of time. The two pieces above were among the last paintings i finished this year and both have been given away. One as a trade for a beautiful painting that now hangs in my room and the other to my father for his Birthday. I just wish that i could produce more, and giving them away although meaningful is getting old. I need to get my prints up and running. I'm off to procrastinate in the park and take photos. I hope I hear back from the Wind Up Space, but that is looking not so promising since I sent them the photos a week ago. Maybe i'll burn a disk and drop it off and see if that illicets a response.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recent works in progress

These three pieces are the most recent work I've done. None of these are finished as of now but hopefully with in the next two months these will be finished and I'll have 6 new pieces for the upcoming show in August 2009.

Part 1 of work from the last show

all five of these pieces were completed in a two month time span from June to July of 2008 in anticipation of a dual show with my friend Claes. Unfortunately due to some snags the show was canceled and this work just sat in the studio while I continued to paint and attempt to get another show lined up which didn't wind up happening until March of this year. These pieces are roughly 2.5ft x 3ft in size I'll update the actual sizes in the days to come.


Welcome Adam-Disjointed, the purpose of this blog is to showcase my finished artwork as well as pictures of pieces in progress, and as a journal of my creative process. All of the finished work displayed on the site is available for purchase unless otherwise noted and all of the pieces will be available beginning in August of 2009 as high quality artists prints signed and numbered, most pieces will have a limited run of 10. The last three shows happened over the course of March, April and May of 2009 in Baltimore, MD. The recent work deals with the human species loss of identity and balance and our usefulness in relation to our existence as a highly evolved animal in the presence of the convoluted and technologically advanced yet spiritually devoid reality we have fashioned for ourselves. I hope you enjoy the artwork.